Educational Programs

Our India International School

  • CBSE Curriculum School
  • Started in 2014 with 28 students
  • Runs classes from LKG to VIIth standard.
  • Currently functions with 472 students, 16 teaching staff and 5 non-teaching staff.
  • Now functions in Madrasa Sulaimania, Kandhla


Student Sponsorship Schemes

  • Sponsor educational fees for deserved students including orphans, riot victims, BPL and other poor people.
  • The project comprises of school fees and Deficit Management Fund (DFM).
  • Two-third of the students comes under the sponsored category.


A project offering mid-day meal to OIIS students

  • Provides milk with boiled egg/banana.
  • Ensures that no student is suffering from hunger in the class
  • Majority of students attend school with an empty stomach, which affects their studies and performance.
  • This project improves attendance level, classroom participation and over-all performances.


Sponsor excellent students to pursue studies in reputed higher educational institutions across India.

  • Two students from extremely backward societies completed MSW in livelihood management from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai.
  • Both are well settled and effectively involved in socially committed projects.
  • One students currently undergoes studies

Outreach Programs


Drinking water project

  • Handed over a total of 105 bore wells.
  • About 4100 families and 24,000 people benefitted.
  • Project spreads across Kandhla, Jidana, Gangeru, Aaldi, Kairana, Budhana, Jahanpura, Makmalpur, Jinjhana and Mewat.


Toilet Project

  • Handed over a total of 53 toilets
  • 300+ benefitted
  • Project spreads across Gangeru, Mohalakhail, Idrees Colony, Ekta Colony, Kandhla, Jannath Colony and Thana Bhavan.
  • Beneficiaries consist of bedridden, aged, physically challenged, widows and ladies who live in isolated areas.


Food Support Project

  • Total 3640 food kits distributed
  • About 22,000 people benefitted
  • Beneficiaries include BPL, physically challenged, widows and extremely poor walks of the society.
  • Distributed in Kandhla, Kairana, Gangeru, Jidana, Gadi Doulath, Malakpur, Masafar Nagar and Lakhimpur Kheri.


Vocational Training centre

  • Set up a Tailoring Training Institute
  • Provides 4 months training course for 40 ladies at a time.
  • After completing the course, sewing machines are given to widows and orphan girls.
  • Certificates are issued to all (80 ladies) who successfully completed the course.

 Mobile service training institute

  • Faculty training already completed.
  • Institute was expected to run by August 2020, but it is extended due to the Covid-19 situation.
  • Estimated cost of the project is Rs. 9,05,000/-


A project of kindness to the weak

  • It includes distribution of dress materials and blankets, Assistance for treatments as well as weddings.
  • The beneficiaries consist of widows, orphans, weakest sections, aged and physically challenged.


Renovation/ Construction of houses project

  • 9 damaged houses renovated
  • 13 new houses scheduled to be handed over by October 2020.
  • Beneficiaries consist of orphans, widows, bedridden, abandoned families and weaker people.
  • Project spread across Kandhla, Jidana, Gangeru and Mewat.

Income-generating and livelihood initiatives

  • 9 Sewing machines were handed over.
  • Beneficiaries include widows, orphans, abandoned families and poor.


Human Resource Development

Field Studies

  • 3 studies conducted yet, which includes:-

# Socio-economic status of Muslims in Kandhla (2014)

# Field study on Health Situation (2016)

# Comparative study of the social, economic, educational and vocational status of Muslims & Dalits in Kandhla (2018).


A project of Madrasa Intervention

  • Incorporating modern education in traditional madrasa stream.
  • The foundation plans to set up permanent training programs in HRD centres.
  • The trained teachers to ensure a sufficient number of faculties in Madrasas.