Our India International School

  • Started functioning in the year 2014 with 28 students
  • English medium school with CBSE syllabus
  • Now functions in Madrasa Sulaimania at Kandhla
  • Classes from LKG to VII standard
  • Students 472
  • Teachers 16
  • Non-teaching staff 5

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Qadam . Student Sponsorship Scheme

  • Sponsoring the school fee of deserving students
  • Orphans, Riot victims, BPL and the Poor benefitted
  • School fee and Deficit Management Fund (DFM) covered
  • Almost two third of the students come in the sponsored category

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Tharas . Project of Mid day meal to OIIS students

  • It is observed that majority of the students coming to the school with empty stomach.
  • It was found that it affects their studies and performance.
  • Provides Milk with boiled egg/ banana
  • Helps to substantially check dropout
  • Ensures that all the students attending the classes are free from hunger
  • Helps to improve attendance level, class room participation and overall performance

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Rahbar Project

  • Project to sponsor meritorious students from the region in selected courses for higher education in Institutions of National Repute
  • Two students, both from extremely backward conditions completed MSW in livelihood management from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Bombay.
  • Both are well placed and effectively performing in socially committed projects.


Aab. Drinking water project

  • Hundred and three bore wells handed over
  • About four thousand one hundred families benefitted
  • About twenty four thousand people got benefitted
  • Spread across Kandhla, Jidana, Gangeru, Aaldi, Kairana, Budhana, Jahanpura, Makmalpur, Jinjhana & Mewat

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Ismath. Toilet project

  • Fifty-three toilets handed over
  • Three hundred plus beneficiaries
  • Spread across Gangeru, MohallaKhail, Idrees colony, Ekta colony, Kandhla, Jannath Colony and Thana bhavan
  • Handpicked beneficiaries include bed ridden, aged, physically challenged and widows and ladies live in isolated areas

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Raahath. Food support project

  • 3640 food kits distributed
  • About 22,000 people benefitted
  • Distributed among widows, BPL, physically challenged and extremely poor
  • Distributed in Kandhla, Kairana, Gangeru, Jidana, Gadi Doulath, Malakpur, Muzafar Nagar and Lakhimpur Kheri

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Faraaz. Vocational Training Center

  • Tailoring training institute
  • Training provided for 40 ladies at a time
  • Four months’ course
  • Sewing machines provided to widows and orphan girl after completing the course
  • 80 ladies successfully completed
  • Certificate issued to all

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Mobile service training institute

  • Faculty training already completed
  • Institute was scheduled to start by August 2020, but it is expected after few months
    because of Covid 19 situation.
  • Estimated cost of the proposed project is Rs 9,05,000/

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Inaayat. Project of kindness to the weaker

  • Distribution of dress materials and blankets
  • Assistance for treatment
  • Assistance for wedding
  • Weakest sections, aged, physically challenged, widows and orphans are benefitted.

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Ashiyana. Project of renovating/ constructing houses

  • Nine houses in dilapidated condition renovated and handed over
    Orphans, widows, bed ridden, abandoned families and weaker people benefitted
    Beneficiaries spread across Kandhla, Jidana, Gangeru and Mewat
    Thirteen new houses are scheduled to be handed over to landless people by October 2020.

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Sahara. Income generating and livelihood initiatives

  • Nine sewing machines handed over
    Beneficiaries include widows, orphans, abandoned families and poor.

Human Resource Development

Field Studies

  • Three studies conducted so far
  • Socio economic status of Muslims in Kandhla. 2014
  • Field study on the Health situation 2016
  • Comparative study of social, economic, educational and vocational status of Muslims and Dalits in Kandhla. 2018

Judaayi – Project of Madrasa Intervention

  • The project is to incorporate modern education in traditional Madrasa stream. OIF will set up permanent training program in the proposed HRD Center. Trained teachers bank will be formed to ensure sufficient number of faculties to Madrasas and a monitoring and supervision mechanism.