School Building: Construction of the first phase of Our India International School is progressing. Area under the first phase is 39,100 sqft.
This phase includes Class rooms, Offices, KG Play area, Dormitory, HRD Center, Labs, Staff rooms, HOD rooms, Auditorium, Guest room, Computer lab, Composite lab, Mathematical and Language lab.
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To sponsor one Meter square area.                  Rs 9,150/
To sponsor space for one student                    Rs 16,150/
To sponsor a class room                                  Rs 6,75,000/
To sponsor a lab space                                    Rs 7,57,000/
To sponsor KG Play area                                 Rs 8,90,000/

HRD Center : Major highlight of the first phase of the school building is HRD Center. The Center was envisaged by Our India Foundation from the very beginning of its formation during 2014. The findings of a study conducted by OIF were shocking in many respects. The Foundation reached to the conclusion that simply running the school would not be sufficient to effectively address the issues on the ground.
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To sponsor one M square area                                           Rs 9150/
Sponsor construction of Dormitory for trainees
Area: 85.4 M Square                      Cost:              Rs 7,80,000/
HRD Office: Area : 227 M Square, Cost :           Rs 20,78,000/
Faculty Guest room
Type 1. Area: 31  M Square,        Cost:               Rs 2,80,000/
Type 2 Area: 18  M Square          Cost                Rs 1,67,000/
Area: 263 M Square                     Cost               Rs 24,03,000/
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